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Technical Writing & CMMS

Arkose Energy's technical writers are experienced industry professionals with technical writing training and hands-on practical experience in operations and maintenance. They are able to create documents for commissioning and operating procedures, regulatory compliance, maintenance plans and tasks. For new facilities, our writers will draft procedures from P&IDs, vendor data, corporate philosophy, and their personal experience. For existing facilities, our writers will review existing documents in relation to the facility, interview the facility management and operations staff, and make adjustments as needed to validate the accuracy and enhance the level of detail in these documents.

  • Operations Manuals
    • Design Documents
    • Process Descriptions
    • Operating Policies and Practices
    • Training Documents
    • Competency Assessments
  • Operating Procedures​
    • Normal Start-up
    • Normal Operations
    • Normal Shutdown
    • Emergency Shutdowns
    • Emergency and Temporary Operations
  • Maintenance Procedures and Strategies​
    • Preventive Maintenance Plans
    • Job Plans
  • Engineering Standards​
  • Process Hazard Studies (PHA)​
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedures​
  • Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR)​
  • Control Philosophies​
  • Commissioning Procedures and Executions Plans​

Computerized Maintenance & Management Service (CMMS)

  • Current system assessment/gap assessment
  • CMMS implementation and support
  • Envisioning and alignment of project goals and objectives
  • Enterprise software selection
  • Asset preventive maintenance and job plans
  • Business process planning and scheduling
  • Field integrity management plan
  • Procurement and spend analysis plan
  • Management of change (MOC) plans
  • Incident management plans
  • Data construction
  • Data cleansing
  • Asset data collection
  • Training
  • Go-live support
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