What Can You Expect From Us?

We are a trusted and highly regarded global energy firm.

Our Strategy

Arkose Energy Corp.’s strategic focus is the acquisition of oil and gas properties that have the opportunity for production and value improvements.  Our strategy includes cost efficient production enhancements to increase existing or shut in production.  We also design field investments which reduce field operating expense.  We further seek to expand proven reserves through demonstration of additional behind pipe reserves, and developmental drilling in fields with proven reserves. To achieve success in the future, we will:

  • Fully exploit our existing asset base.
  • Add legacy assets via acquisition or prospect generation.
  • Expand operations and investment in core areas.
  • Identify and evaluate new asset acquisitions.
  • Pursue joint ventures, drilling partnerships, acquisitions and other opportunities.
  • Maximize financial discipline and flexibility.
  • Develop internal prospect generating capability
  • Aggressively pursue the reduction in per unit operating costs.
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