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Yes. When contacting Arkose Energy Corp without an owner number please have your full name, address and well name (if known) available for our representative to locate your information. The “Owner Number” is simply the identification tool that distinguishes each individual land owner without the use of a social security number.

The amount of each revenue check will vary due to fluctuations in production and commodity prices, operational maintenance and/or downtime. These events are routine and associated with the normal course of business.

Please see the Change of Address/Ownership section for proper procedures related to the applicable situation as forms and documentation may vary depending on the situation for each transfer. Typical events include changes in marital status, deceased owner, sale of interest, or changes in Trustee.

Revenue checks are typically disbursed by the last business day of each month, as long as the check is above the $100 minimum pay status.

In most cases it is a result of the account balance being below the $100 minimum pay status. Revenue checks below $100 but above $1 are paid once annually in December. Checks are mailed to the most recent address on file. If you have recently moved please visit our Change of Address/Ownership section to download the Change of Address form.

In accordance with IRS guidelines, Arkose Energy Corp mails IRS Form 1099-MISC by January 31st each year.

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